Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

I can't believe it is half way through March & I am just now sitting down to get serious about this blogging weekly (goal is to post at least once a week for right now).  It is officially the first day of spring but here in the Willamette Valley Mr Winter & Jack Frost still have a very tight grip & I don't think they are ready to leave.

In the last week we have had so much rain areas have almost flooded again, there has been snow, hail, and rain all in one day. CRAZY WEATHER!   Not much else you can do but play IN the puddles.

 The worst part of it is most "valley" people have spring fever so bad all we can think about is tilling our gardens or mowing our lawns (depends on what brings a smile to your face;-)  For me I want to till that new flower bed I covered last fall, it is just begging to be turned into a beautiful addition to our yard.

Anyway back to this BLOG as a whole, I am promising myself one post a week about what is going on here in the valley & what I'm working on in the garden/yard, course sometimes I'll deviate to some other project that is being completed (most of those this year do have SOMETHING to do with the garden/yard;-) 

So......last weekend was St. Patty's Day & here in the mid valley (rye grass country) it is also Daffodil Festival time.  It's one of those little town/area "festivals" where everyone comes out to see the locals.  On the way out to the festival you get to enjoy all the wild daffodils or not so wild ones that everyone has lining the roads/streets in the area.
Another thing that has happened in the last few weeks for most of us, we were able to get our roses trimmed & ready for the first blooming of the season, hopefully in time for my birthday in June;-)  Many others have started those wonderful little peas seeds that if the weather ever warms up a bit will get moved out to the garden.   Come on sun we need ya', I have plants to buy, move, & divide, seeds that need planted and so much more!

Well there it is the first post of the year (nothing like three months late) BUT it was on the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!

Happy gardening everyone.