Monday, May 2, 2011

Eugene 1/2 Marathon- I did it!

I can't believe I finished the Eugene 1/2 Marathon yesterday.  I wasn't able to train like I really would have liked to (well I kept procrastinating when the weather would get too cold or wet and when I'd get a little cold).  But I knew I was going to do it no matter what, that even meant walking over the finish line; I did jog over the line but I ended up walking the last four miles.

It was an amazing feeling being cheered on at the finish, which happened to be Hayward Field.  As I jogged into the track I started looking for Jerry and he was in the perfect spot, right at the North West corner (where we round to the finish line).  He was cheering and waving so it made me determined to finish at a jog even though I felt I could hardly walk anymore.  It was very emotional in the most over whelming and fulfilling way.

He was my biggest cheerleader, even during the race he was at about the 7 1/2 mile mark; which was perfect as I was REALLY needing more motivation to keep going.  When I got to him he gave me a kiss and as I ran off he yelled that he was proud of me, all I could think of was getting to the end so it would be over.  The rest of the five miles were tough as I was getting tired and my legs were starting to feel like cement.  As I was running I kept thinking I just had to finish to prove to myself that I could do something like this.  Now I really want to do another one and have more training under my belt to see how well I could really do.

I can say that I finished just over the time I had in my head (3 hours), my time was 3hrs 12min.  My next one will be under 3 hours!

Jerry even thinks it might be fun to do one too, maybe this time next year I'll be posting that we both finished the Eugene 1/2 Marathon!!

There I am in the yellow hat and black pants. (in the middle of picture)

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