Saturday, February 19, 2011

First wall going up

It has happened; we were able to get to of the wall bases in place and the back wall up (supported of course).  I can now really see the "shape" of what my greenhouse will look like. It's going to be BIG!  So much bigger than I thought or even dreamed of; 9x9.

The three windows for the back wall are ready to be installed but we still need to get the firring strips (no idea what that really is but Jerry said we need it).  I have also started to glaze one of the two front windows, so really I only have 10 more windows to complete (HAHAHAHA), ONLY 10!

I just keep thinking about how much fun it is going to be to teach the girls how to start little plants/flowers/veggies start to grow from seed.  I'm also hoping the in the next few years I become better at seed saving (that will also save $$$$), then I can start to sell and MAKE $$$$ to put back into the whole garden/yard.  Time will tell.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Green House Begins!

Well today I finally started painting 1 of the 13 windows that will make up my "NEW" greenhouse.  There is still a lot of work to do as only 3 of the windows are glazed and ready for paint (thank to my brother-n-law, last year at this time he helped sand about 5 of the windows). 

There will be four at the west end and three on each side (north and south), then the I'll be able to go find a door out of BRING recycling. 
Hopefully on Saturday Jerry and I will be able to get the back wall (west side) put together.  Then I'll have to really get to work on all the multi-pane windows.  Stay tuned for more updates on the progress.

Green house!

It is offical, I am starting to work on my greenhouse. This time last year my brother-n-law did a lot of sandy on my windows (he was unemployed and bored at the time), so that I could glaze and paint the windows.  Well I only got as far as three windows half way glazed then summer took over (our roof project actually). SO.......

Now I have one of the windows on the table (its only about 40 degrees outside-too cold to paint outside) getting paint so that this weekend Jerry and I can start the building process of the back wall to the greenhouse.

There are 13 windows in total that will make up the greenhouse and as soon as we have all the sides up I will be able to go to BRING Recycling to find a door.  I'm hoping to find a door I can turn into a "Dutch" door, meaning it is split in half (top & bottom).  The colors will be an off white on the windows/trim and a barn red for the main part.  I'm thinking I may do some accented trim work in black, not sure yet?  Then after I get the greenhouse painted I will repaint the body of my shed to match with the barn red and the doors will also get repainted, which is where I will use the black accent trim for sure.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Well here on the back side of things it shows the import of our second blog I had tried to start (when Adri was born); BUT when I "view blog" the archives are not there. ????????????????  hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Going to try it one more time to see what I'm screwing up.

SO excited!

I was thinking last night, how can I get our two old blogs (yes we have tried to keep up two other times) imported into this new one?  I am determined to keep up with this one & get good at it!

Well this AM I got on here and started doing some searching...guess what I found?  YEP! The way to import old blogs into new ones and then I was able to delete the old one. So now I just need to try to remember the second blog so I can import that on too!

It has been so fun looking/reading the very first posts that we had (right before Katie was born).  Then our lives as a new family. Boy have things changed, well evolved more than anything.  I'm sure I will do that on this blog too;-)

Stay tuned for the second blog to be imported!