Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Worst luck....

On May 7th I had the worst luck anyone could have in one day; tiller wouldn't start, hot water heater leaked all over laundry room floor, and Adri ended up with a "boot" on her right ankle (wasn't a confirmed break).

When Adri woke in the AM she wouldn't even walk down the hall, she said her foot hurt.  She had fallen the night before in the dining room while playing with Jerry and Katie.  A very freak accident.  Most of the day she just sat in the chair saying she couldn't walk so I had to carry her every where.  I decided shortly before lunch to call the Dr. and get her in to she what might be wrong.

I went down to the local hardware store to rent a small tiller so I could get my garden ready to plant, but when I got it home I couldn't pull hard enough to get it started (thanks for the screwed up shoulder Molly).  So I called Jerry at work and got all frustrated cause he was there and I was home and couldn't do something for myself.  I loaded the girls back up and returned the tiller. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

When I got home I went out to the laundry room to pick up the towels I had put on the floor to soak up the water that I thought I had splashed all over; the towels were SOAKED!  I looked at the wood step and it was wet, CRAP the hot water heater was leaking.  So I called Jerry again and told him what was going on, he said he'd call his dad to come over and help, I said I'd try to get some information from my friend Larissa (her husband owns a plumbing company).  I was on the phone, computer and talking with my father-n-law all morning then Jerry got home at lunch time and after seeing what was happening we decided just to go to Jerry's to get a new hot water heater and new plumbing.

I ended up calling work to switch days (at the last minute) then took Adri to Dr. while Jerry and Chuck (FNL) worked on heater.  By the time we got back from the Dr. office, the old one was out and so was all the old plumbing plus the UGLY cabinet that was around it (I had wanted it gone from the minute we moved in).  All we had left to do that night was prime so we could start to repaint in the AM.  While I'm getting ready to paint Jerry and I heard water running, which meant there was a leak somewhere under the house.

Longer story shortened; we finally got the new hot water heater in, the laundry got repainted & some new storage space.
We added shelving above sink, pot rack above washer/drier, two going to be three shelves and I took a shelf out of wall storage/canning area.
Guess I don't have a pick of the finished room (well the floor still needs painting- NOT putting carpet back in).

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