Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moving forward on the greenhouse

We put this first truss up last weekend; mostly to see how it was really going to look.  Jerry still needs it as a template for the other three so we had to take it down after the pics were taken.  I am finished with the five single pane windows that make up the front & back walls, but I am still working on the six pane windows that will be the walls.  It has been super slow as the weather and my health are not working together, (yep I'm sick yet again).
I can't believe How big it is and that Jerry has truly made my dream of having a greenhouse come true.  In fact last week I was able to find a door for the greenhouse for only $25.00 and he thought it was perfect as I did.  Can't wait for the weather to break so that I can get the door outside to clean it up and then start stripping the old paint so I can re-paint it...red, black, and off white.

The door still has it's original hardware; hinges, handle, and lock. I know once I'm able to really take it apart it is going to look great!

Even my two "little garden helpers" are ready for the greenhouse & warm weather. Summer here we come!

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