Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christmas Present...

It' s Christmas morning and we're opening our presents to each other before we head over to my in-laws. I got Jerry the coffee he has been raving about for months & a grinder (that will look good in my "new" kitchen), plus a few other small things. His BIG gift is already at Chuck & Linda's.

When it's my turn to open things he starts to get a bit nervous (I'm not sure why, at the time). I open a box with a faucet in it & then two smaller boxes with sink drains. I'm thinking I'm getting a new sink for Christmas (part of me is thrilled as I HATE my current kitchen sink & part of me is thinking, okay this is TOO practical) BUT then I open the last box, it is a new kitchen sink. Jerry tells me I also will get to pick out a new dishwasher ( the portable one we have I really can't use in our kitchen due to the layout). He then tells me that to help make my life easier when the baby gets here we're going to do a major face lift to the kitchen. NOW I'm thrilled with my gifts as they make a lot more sense.

We have been frantically working on the east wall and it is almost complete. I love it so far as we have made it much more user friendly. I really can't wait for the dish washer and new sink on the other wall, but I know it's going to take a little while to get all that complete.

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