Thursday, January 4, 2007

Crazy Pets

Today Jerry & I were IMing all day while at work. When we got home tonight he said "You know we need to let everyone know about our crazy pets." I told him I was thinking about that here they are.

Chili- the dog. He's BIG, black, and not very smart (unless food is involved). When Jerry & I started dating he said he had a big dog, but he was pretty friendly. That's an understatement! He LOVES people, that he knows. I happen to still be his favorite (I think it's because I feed him in the AM), although my brother-n-law Larry is a very close second (he doesn't see Larry everyday anymore). Actually he's a great dog so we're going to keep him for now. LOL

The Girls-Peaches & Mocha. My cats...well there's not much to really say about them except Peaches rules the house (including Chili). And she knows how to earn her keep, she keeps the house/yard free of rodents. Mocha on the other hand is about as worthless as a cat comes, is afraid of EVERYTHING. She would rather sleep 22 hours a day (in the house) than do anything normal cats do. I can say if you are sick or just need love she's the one to give it to you unconditionally.

Stay tuned for the crazy things they'll do this spring.

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