Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today was the first snow day of this fall/winter, 2010.  When Katie woke I showed her and told her that later (after breakfast) we'd call the boys (Dalton & Garrett-cousins). As I was finishing breakfast I got a call from Garrett, "would it be okay if we brought a slay over and play with Katie and Adri?" OF COURSE!  You boys are always welcome.  I then told him that I'd make lunch, so he said we're on our way.  A few minutes later Christie (sister-n-law) texted about how excited the boys were, I sent on back about the fact that Katie was too!  Everyone had fun, including Molly.  Then everyone came in for a HOT cup of chocolate (it's all about the hot chocolate).

After warming up and drying the clothes; round two was about to happen.  I told them to go ahead and go into the back yard which still had some snow on the deck and grass.  They had some more fun, pulling and jumping off the steps of the deck, all I thought was I'm glad their young cause it looked like it would hurt the backside a whole lot.  But it did seem like they were having soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun.
As beautiful as the snow was, I do hope tomorrow is NOT a white morning.  The girls and I need to get a few things done tomorrow  before Thanksgiving and Adri's birthday party.
Speaking of Adri's birthday, my baby will be officially two on Friday.  It's hard to image that it was just such a short time ago that I was awaiting the arrival of my second beautiful baby girl. She is such a joy as she never stops smiling (well except when she is crying) because she didn't get something she wanted.  Happy Birthday baby.

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