Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So much learning

My last few post have not been the most positive or information filled; so I figured it was time to pull myself up by the boots straps and put something up that was more positive and updating about our family.

I can't believe that in 1 week and 2 days (9 days) Adri will be 2 years old. She is so NOT a baby anymore.  About the only thing we have left to concurred as the baby part of her life is the potty training thing.  She is really making progress; this AM she told me she had to go potty so we went in and she did!!!! Oh, I guess you could say we are still working on the talking thing too.  It is funny hearing her try to say some words, at  least she understands what we are saying, even if we don't understand everything she is saying. hehehehehehe

Katie is doing really well in school so far; she can recognize all her letters in the alphabet; knows the days of the week in order (she's still working on understanding what day it is each day), and she can count all the way up to 30.  I just need to start working on writing the letters and numbers with her.  I'm sure Santa Claus is going to help with this issue (bringing her stuff to write with and on).

Speaking of Santa Claus, Katie is really getting into the idea of the big guy in red but I don't think she totally understand the WHOLE picture yet.  Last night on the drive into town she said, "mom you have to send him a VERY 'impotant' message; tell him I love him and thank you for all the presents he's going to get me."  All I could do was giggle, then when Jerry and I did the car/kid change I whispered it in his ear and he giggled a bit too. 

I really can't wait to take them to see and talk to Santa for the first time this year (hopefully they don't get too scared).  Plus I'm going to send them letters from Santa, I kept an article about how the USPS will mail your letters back to you post marked from the North Pole.  Jerry and I are going to sit down here in the next few weeks to do this.  It is really fun playing Santa;-)

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