Monday, November 1, 2010

Third times the charm!?

Alright this is the third time I have (we have) started a blog.  This time I am going to keep it going with all kinds of "stuff"; our family, pets, gardening, scrapbooking, cooking/canning, and any other things I might think about (and I think about a lot of "stuff").

So it was Halloween this last weekend and it was also a very emotional one, we layed to rest my step brother.  Arlie M. Hoefling was 46 years young.  I didn't know him really (a long story I may get into at another time) but from what I learned this weekend I missed out & so did the rest of our family.  He sounded like a very good man.  I decided that I was going to use this as a learning point (another reason to re-start the blog) and to get to know my sister-n-law & niece/nephews.  Also to live each day more foe filling and never let those around me NOT know how much I love them.  Ok, I'm getting pretty heavy now, lets get back to the other fun part....Halloween.

I was told that I should allow the girls to eat as much candy as they want, well I didn't do that as I don't believe they should "eat til they puke, they are only kids once".  I did let them have "treats" through out the day, AFTER they ate breakfast, lunch or dinner.  They LOVED it.  Katie had soooooooooo much fun last night just doing the door to door thing and Adri wanted to do everything her big sister was doing.  They were really cute too!

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