Thursday, February 17, 2011

Green house!

It is offical, I am starting to work on my greenhouse. This time last year my brother-n-law did a lot of sandy on my windows (he was unemployed and bored at the time), so that I could glaze and paint the windows.  Well I only got as far as three windows half way glazed then summer took over (our roof project actually). SO.......

Now I have one of the windows on the table (its only about 40 degrees outside-too cold to paint outside) getting paint so that this weekend Jerry and I can start the building process of the back wall to the greenhouse.

There are 13 windows in total that will make up the greenhouse and as soon as we have all the sides up I will be able to go to BRING Recycling to find a door.  I'm hoping to find a door I can turn into a "Dutch" door, meaning it is split in half (top & bottom).  The colors will be an off white on the windows/trim and a barn red for the main part.  I'm thinking I may do some accented trim work in black, not sure yet?  Then after I get the greenhouse painted I will repaint the body of my shed to match with the barn red and the doors will also get repainted, which is where I will use the black accent trim for sure.

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